Spiritual education for seekers of the LIGHT – Your guiding light through the darkness – Find spiritual awakening through The Grail Message.

Seekers Aid is your source for spiritual transformation classes and guidance as you make your path through life. Take your life to the height you’re aiming for with our comprehensive collection of audiolized readings of In The Light of Truth.

We’re all following our unique journey with fire of spirit, but here at Seekers Aid, you can soak in the torch, study and deepen your understanding of those eternal questions in our spiritual education classes, or listen to spiritual transformation audio classes from the comfort of your home. Finding answers and expanding your spiritual education has never been easier.

Dive into the world of The Grail Message’s teachings along with other light seekers of the word of God, united in one place.

Seekers Aid is your source for spiritual guidance and transformation.

Seekers Aid Audio-assisted reading technique is an individual or group reading activity for the holy spirit seekers. It allows users listen to the audio recording of the Grail Message/Eternal Laws chapter by chapter. Read along in your e-book or online as you listen to the audio book narrated by a fluent reader at 80 –100 words per minute.

The benefits are:

– readers can read and re-read along with the audio until they understand the word of God better

– helps improve comprehension and word recognition by sight,

– builds fluency skills, including proper phrasing expression